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6 Simple Steps to the Best Kids B'day Celebration in ISO

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Looking for ways to make your child’s birthday special during ISO? With the country in self-isolation and gatherings all but cancelled, parents are getting more creative than ever before with their children’s birthday celebrations. You may not be able to throw a party extravaganza, but you certainly don’t have to forgo celebrations altogether, and these 6 essentials will unquestionably turn all frowns upside down, and make for a birthday they will remember for years to come.

1. Decorate The House

Surprise your birthday child with balloons, streamers, banners and the works. While they’re sleeping fill their bedroom with balloons, and be ready with party poppers & whistles when they surface. Kids love being made fuss of.


2. Make/Buy Your Birthday Child's Favourite Meals

The favourite breakfast in our house is nutella crepes (or Mcdonalds pre-isolation), and strawberry milkshakes!

Ask your birthday child in advance what they’d like to eat on their special day, and move heaven and earth to make it happen! You could order take-away from their favourite restaurant, have a seafood, or home-made pizza night (our faves), or even a hot-dog making station. Their wish is your command, for their one day!


3. Dedicate The Whole Day To Their Fun

In a child’s mind, birthday = FUN! It’s presents, cake, balloons, dancing, games and lots of noise. And being confined to home just means getting creative.

A few simple ideas:
Scavenger Hunt - how about clues to find presents?

Build a Fort - kids love designing their own space and camping out!

Backyard Camping - tents, sleeping bags and toasted marshmallows are what children’s dreams are made of.


Movie Night - favourite movie, popcorn, lollies, dim lights and lounge snuggles is the perfect ending to an ISO birthday.

Disco - crank Spotify with their favourite tunes and crack out your best dance moves!

Fancy Dress - dress up for the occasion - it could be as simple as party hats, or all out superheroes and fairies.


4. Involve Friends & Family - Online!


If, like my girls, your child/ren are missing their family and friends, the 21st century thankfully allows us to easily keep in touch with the push of a button, or maybe even the toot of a car horn! 

Drive-by birthday convoys are all the rage at the moment, and are a great way for your child to see their family & friends whilst adhering to social distancing recommendations. They can wave and squeal as each car drives by, and maybe even collect a card or pressie along the way. Suggest your friends and family all come past during a specific window, pumping tunes, blowing whistles and bubbles, tooting horns and cracking party poppers!

There’s also FaceTime, Zoom & Google Hangout options, for gathering in a virtual space - and they’re surprisingly easy to operate, even for the technically challenged like myself. If the thought of an online party is way too daunting, just have your family FaceTime through for the birthday song and candle blowing. There’s nothing like a group Hip Hip Hooray to ignite the birthday spirit!

5. Bake A Birthday Cake - TOGETHER!


Get your birthday child (and any excited siblings) involved in whipping up their very own birthday cake masterpiece. Find a simple recipe, have everything ready, and go! Let them get messy; let them get their hands dirty; let them lick the bowl - just be ready with a packet of wet wipes.

The best part is decorating the finished product. Fill bowls with lollies, strawberries, sprinkles - or any of their favourites, and give the birthday child free reign over their birthday cake. It may even become a yearly tradition!


6. Add a Personalised Cake Topper

Top their birthday cake masterpiece off with a cake topper designed just for them!
- Choose a theme
- Choose a colour
- Choose words

Personalised cake toppers can be designed, made and delivered within a matter of days, so even if time has gotten away from you, you can add this special touch! You don’t have to leave the house, and certainly won’t break your bank! The smile on your child’s face when they see their favourite character adorning their very own masterpiece, is worth it’s weight in gold.

Celebrations in isolation are more important than ever! So make their ISO birthday their most favourite birthday yet!

Renee x


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